About Us

After being inspired by the bookshops of New Haven, Connecticut, we opened our own scholarly used bookstore in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas in 1974, where we first met as students at the University of Kansas.

Lawrence is surrounded by the natural beauty of Eastern Kansas, and we eventually built a home in the rural environs, close to Baldwin City.

With the advent of the internet, changes came quickly to the book business, and we soon found ourselves flowing into online selling, providing books to scholars all over the world.

After our 27th year we decided to close the open shop and devote ourselves to selling exclusively on the internet.

We constructed a book building near our home, which now contains close to 40,000 books, all carefully cataloged for sale.

We are located close to the "Baldwin Woods", in an area of savanna where the Eastern deciduous forest ends and the prairie begins.

Here we are fully engaged with the ongoing changes to the antiquarian and used book business as well as the shifting seasons of our interior and exterior landscape.

Being one of the original "recycle" businesses, used books fit well with our engagement with this land and our hopes for the well being of the earth and its inhabitants.

Owners: John and Gloria Hood